Hogan's Heroes

     Heroes, heroes, husky men of war,
     sons of all the heroes of the war before.
     We're all heroes up to our ear-o's
     you ask the question, we make suggestions,
     that's what we're heroes for.

     What's a hero do?
     Well we're not gonna tell ya
     we wish we knew.
     That's why we heroes are so few.
     We've got a slogan from Colonel Hogan
     and Colonel Hogan's a hero too.
     Never flinch boys, never be afraid
     heroes are not born, boys
     heroes all are made.
     Ask not why boys,
     never say die boys,
     answer the call,
     remember we'll all be heroes for evermore.

     All good heroes, love a good fight
     open up the bomb bays and brighten up the night
     We applaud the people who laud us,
     you pull the roses, we punch the noses,
     that's what we're heroes for.